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Buying  a Property

The purchase of a property is generally the single most important financial investment an individual, couple or group of people will ever make. It brings with it a level of commitment that offers not only financial rewards but often a stake in a local community and a firm base from which to build a fulfilling life.

So let’s look at some of those important factors that come into play when looking to buy a property. It may sound obvious but it is vital that your budget and levels of repayment are manageable. Over stretching on a monthly basis can seriously affect quality of life in other areas and ultimately lead to potential conflict.

So before anything else talk to your bank representative or an independent mortgage advisor either of whom will have a greater understanding of the process and will be able to recommend a mortgage to suit your budget and lifestyle.

There are properties for sale in every area so it is vital background research is undertaken. For other major purchases such as a motor car, many of us look at price comparison sites, check performance reviews, visit garages and even take vehicles for a test drive. Get to know the area in which you are considering buying a property.

Visit it at various times of the day, talk to local people and make sure the district can rightly serve your needs in terms of say, schooling, public transportation or retail outlets. Many internet sites can provide information in terms of property listings, house prices and testimonials from people who live and work in that locale. The shopping precinct with all its comings and goings is often a prime source of the information you require.

Hopefully by this stage you will have a clearer view of what you want and are able to afford. That said, prepare to be flexible and give consideration to say a property that requires some work. You may be able to inhabit the place whilst the improvements takes place. Alternatively, look at other properties for sale previously not on your radar. Some degree of compromise is to be expected.

It is not essential that an estate agent be involved but such a route has its advantages. Generally, they are well informed on local market trends, have an understanding of the whole buying process and of course are specialists in this field. As an unwritten rule, making offers on properties becomes a series of negotiations. Most sellers or vendors as they are known offer a property at Price A but would be willing to accept Price B. The estate agent works as an intermediary in this.

There are of course legalities to consider and estate agents can signpost accordingly. Conveyancing is by the law, the transfer of legal property from one person to another. A mortgage must be in place first, solicitor’s checks must establish nothing can encumber the deal and then contracts can be exchanged. Upon completion, legal title changes hands.

It is important to understand the process, not to skimp on any stage and to respect the advice of the relevant professionals. Work put in here can only bring long term benefit.

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